For and by businesses in Oost Gelre

On 13 January 2005, as a result of the merger of the Groenlo and Lichtenvoorde municipalities into the municipal authority of Oost Gelre, the Industriële Kring Groenlo-Lichtenvoorde was founded (IKGL in Dutch, or the Groenlo-Lichtenvoorde Industrial Circle). The IKGL is the successor to the separate Groenlo and Lichtenvoorde circles. Members of the IKGL are industrial, (wholesale) traders and service companies in the Oost Gelre municipality.


The IKGL's aim is to promote contact and the sharing of expertise between members. Additionally the IKGL promotes the common interests of its members at local and regional level. The IKGL does this by partnering with local and regional authorities, associated organisations and other industrial circles, specifically in the Achterhoek area of the Netherlands.
The key focus points of this aim to promote our members' interests are:
• optimising the business climate in Oost-Gelre,
• working together to realize a strong (regional) economic policy.


The following committees are active within the IKGL:

KVO-B (Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen Bedrijventerreinen, or the Hallmark for Safe Operations on Commercial Parks)
This hallmark is a way of working that uses a step-by-step plan to apply measures for greater safety on the commercial park in Oost Gelre.
The parties involved are: The Oost Gelre municipality, IKGL, Police and Fire Brigade.
Representative of IKGL: Marcel Eekelder.

Technology Centre Tech 4 Life
The technology centre is the initiative of four parties: the Oost Gelre municipality, IKGL, KSG Marianum and the combined primary schools in the Oost Gelre municipality. These parties participate in the running of STOG (Stichting Techniek Oost Gelre, the Oost Gelre Technology Foundation). The aim of this is to safeguard the technical education of year seven and eight primary-school pupils centred around Science & Technology.
Representative of IKGL: Marcel Eekelder.  


Communication with members runs via this website and email. Members are informed on relevant local, social and economic developments.
Furthermore, the IKGL organises:
• information meetings for all members or specific groups of members on subjects important to them,
• informal meetings for all members, including company visits.

Why be a member?

Membership of the IKGL provides some major benefits. As a member, you are assured of the collective representation of your interests, both locally and regionally, with the bundling of strengths automatically leading to a strong(er) position. Further your membership contributes to supporting and further growing the local economy. Finally, through contact with other members you benefit from the expertise already present in many fields and can plug into each other's networks.

More information about the IKGL-membership.